Fresh greens and lots more all winter long

Try it for one week, and we think you'll be love having freshly-picked organic greens on your plate this winter.

This CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is all about keeping great tasting and nutritious food on your plate year-round.

Join our newly-designed winter CSA program
● No pre-payment, only pay for what you order each week. Minimum weekly order is only $7
● Great value: Freshly-picked, organically-grown greens for the price of old and tired, nutrient-deficient imported greens harvested weeks ago.

Who is this program  for?
People looking to put fresh, organic greens on their table every week.
What's available & prices:
Our selections change from week to week, but feature leafy greens, micro greens, fresh herbs and storage vegetables such as carrots, beets, onions and garlic.  Everything we offer is grown organically and locally,  and our produce is priced in-line with local organic farmers' markets.    We strive for the highest quality and sell at a fair price.

Program highlights:
● Many different kinds of greens available each week, all harvested fresh and delivered within hours.
● If you're going to be away for the week, or going on vacation? Just put your CSA on hold.
● Program not for you?  Cancel at any time, or put your CSA on hold and rejoin at a later date (If space is available)
Our Superfood salad mix is a tasty blend of baby leafy greens and micro greens. Grown organically in soil for maximum flavour and nutritional value, it's harvested fresh each week and delivered within hours.

Local food that's convenient and fresh!

● Along with greens, we also feature organic storage crops such as sweet carrots, beets, garlic, onions and more. We've partnered with other local, certified organic farms to bring you an even wider assortment of the best produce grown in our region.

● Orders are picked-up at our locations in Ingleside, Long Sault, downtown Cornwall, North Cornwall and Morrisburg.

● 2-day pickup window:  Pick up on Thursday or Friday.

What are micro greens?  Baby greens and shoots of plants such as radish, peas and herbs which have great flavour and tons of nutritional value. Researchers have found micro greens contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.  

A flexible CSA that's designed for you.

● Unscheduled hold: Life can get complicated, so if it looks like you will be unable to pick up on Thursday or Friday, just get in touch and put your subscription on hold for the week.

● In-town home/office delivery spots are also available. (You need to be present during the delivery time on Thursday afternoons, $4/delivery)

● Free home or office delivery at any location with 3 or more customers. (Please inquire)

● Everything we offer is grown 100% organically, with no synthetic fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides.

● Our greens are harvested fresh each week and delivered within hours, ensuring the highest level of nutritional value and taste.

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6 convenient pick-up locations in your neighborhood.


Cornwall Healing Arts Massage Therapy

17349A Cornwall Centre Rd, Cornwall
Open until 8pm
Physical Limits Fitness Club
120 Ninth St E, Cornwall
Open until 8pm Thursday
Open until 6pm Friday

Marrow and Spice 
40-812 Pitt St, Cornwall
Open until 6pm
Long Sault 
The Community Market
16133 Post Road, Long Sault
Open until 5pm Thursday and Friday
DeMary video
17 Thorold Lane, Ingleside
Open until 7pm Thursday and Friday
The Cook's Corner
The East End Promenade, Morrisburg
Open until 5pm Thursday and Friday