Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually-beneficial relationship between a small farm and a local community who receive the food the farm produces. It's a way for eaters and farmers to form a partnership, together helping to build a locally-based sustainable food system, and allowing for a quality of food unavailable anywhere else.  This model is growing in popularity around the world as an alternative to the factory farm commercial food model.

Our number one goal is to continually improve the quality of our produce, and we specialize in growing a wide variety of salad ingredients week-after-week.  Among the offerings are unique varieties of lettuce, mesclun salad mixes, radishes, carrots, and micro greens. There’s always something fresh in your basket for a great salad!  Your produce is harvested fresh each week, often within hours of delivery, and we wash, pack, and chill it with care.  We eat what we grow, and view our customers as an extension of our family farm.  In addition, we've partnered with other, local organic farms to bring you an even wider selection of best organic produce grown in our region.  Absolutely everything in our CSA is 100% local and organically-grown.

Our CSA customers tell us that one of the things they appreciate  most about a CSA  is that it has had a very positive impact on meal planning and improving their diets.  We grow a wide range of vegetables, many of which are unavailable anywhere else. You will likely get to try vegetables you have never had before.

Fresh vegetables for nutrition, taste,
value and health
When you combine a great selection of freshly-picked, seasonal organic greens and vegetables, tasty nutritious meals are easy!

Our produce is delivered to you within hours of harvest, ensuring the highest level of nutrition and taste.  We love sharing recipes and cooking tips to help you make the most of your CSA,  and hope that you will do the same by sharing your cooking successes and recipes!

What's Local-Organic?
We believe that healthy, nutritious food is best grown in our own community by local families without the use of chemicals. We grow using organic and bio-dynamic methods, meaning that we practice the old-fashioned type of farming which fosters healthy, living soil.  However, growing organically means accepting that our CSA is a shared-risk proposition. 

Depending on the weather, pests and other factors, we can have some crops fail, or we might have lower than expected yields. But because we grow a wide range of crops, we have always had a great selection for our customers throughout every season.

We never use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on our crops. We think that knowing with certainty that the food we eat is safe from any kind of chemical contamination is important. The benefits to the soil, water, and wildlife make it that much better.

We grow Russian red garlic, an heirloom variety with
amazing flavour and great keeping ability.
We fertilize only with natural sources, which includes compost, naturally-occurring rock minerals, and cover crops. Natural soil amendments create a healthy environment for microscopic life and worms which are instrumental to building and maintaining a fertile soil. A fertile soil then leads to tasty and nutrient-dense vegetables.

What are Heirloom vegetables?
Many of the vegetables we grow are referred to as ‘heirloom’ or ‘heritage’ varieties.

Heirloom crops are grown from seeds which have been passed down for generations, and offer a great variety of tastes you won’t find at the supermarket. Industrial farming has narrowed down the crops that are grown based on criteria such as shelf-life and yield. But a world of variety exists outside of the narrow list of crops that are grown commercially.

How do you price your produce?
We strive to grow the highest quality produce possible, and sell for a fair price.
Pricing is similar to what you would find for organic produce at a farmer's market.

But as a small-scale organic farm using our own and local labour, what we offer is different than the supermarket offerings produced by industrial agriculture.  Without exploitative labour practices and chemicals, quality food production becomes more labour-intensive.

Unlike the big "Foodland Ontario" vegetable farms, we do not use temporary foreign workers, which takes advantage of the economic disparities between our country and others, essentially replicating the slave labour relationships of old.

Value vs. price
Moving to a diet with more fresh greens and vegetables is one of the best things you can do for your health. But because produce begins to lose it's nutrient value from the moment it's harvested, cheap imported produce is not a great value. Something harvested in California or Mexico, whether organic or not, has lost much of it's nutrients by the time it arrives at the supermarket. 

Fully customizable baskets
With our CSA, your basket is created each week by you, using our online store.  Order more or less each week, depending on your needs.  Away or going on vacation? Put your CSA on hold.

Region Served
Our CSA serves Cornwall, Long Sault, Ingleside and Morrrisburg. We offer convenient pickup locations and a home delivery option.

We look forward to growing for you and your family.

Get in touch with us:
Jamie Creskey & family
(613) 537-8871

If you have questions, or to sign up for our CSA, please get in touch with us