Friday, 12 October 2018

Skip the imported greens this fall & winter


 NUTRITION. Nutritional value decreases every day after harvest. Those greens grown in California or Florida harvested who knows when? They've lost much of their nutrition and are not a great value, no matter what the price.  And all of our salad mixes include micro greens, which can have up to 40 times the nutritional value of their mature vegetable counterparts.

 100% CHEMICAL FREE. Inexplicably, Health Canada testing has shown that more than a third of imported "certified organic" produce tests positive for chemical pesticides. And chemically-grown produce like lettuce and spinach have always tested as some of the most contaminated items in the supermarket produce isle, landing them on many "dirty dozen" lists.

3  NO POST-HARVEST CHEMICAL TREATMENT. The bleaching and gases used to wash and pack imported commercial greens reduces nutritional value, especially important anti-oxidants.

4  TASTE. Rich Seaway Valley soil, organic growing methods, tasty heirloom varieties and harvested fresh = Amazing flavour!

5  VALUE, TASTE & NUTRITION GO HAND IN HAND. When healthy plant foods taste great, they displace the expensive, unhealthy items in your diet like processed foods and factory-farmed animal products.