Friday, 12 October 2018

Skip the imported greens this fall & winter


 NUTRITION. Nutritional value decreases every day after harvest. Those greens grown in California or Florida harvested who knows when? Not a great value.

 100% CHEMICAL FREE. Inexplicably, Health Canada testing has shown that more than a third of imported "certified organic" produce tests positive for chemical pesticides. And chemically-grown produce like lettuce and spinach have always tested as some of the most contaminated items in the supermarket produce isle, landing them on many "dirty dozen" lists.

3  NO POST-HARVEST CHEMICAL TREATMENT. The bleaching and gases used to pack imported commercial greens reduces nutritional value, especially important anti-oxidants.

4  TASTE. Rich Seaway Valley soil, tasty heirloom varieties and harvested fresh = Amazing flavour!

5  VALUE, TASTE & NUTRITION GO HAND IN HAND. When healthy plant foods taste great, they displace the expensive, unhealthy items in your diet like CAFO meats (confined animal feeding operations) and processed foods.