Saturday, 6 July 2013

CSA – Week 4

The weather is hot and summer crops are coming into their own:

After a crop failure last year, we're delighted to  have the delicious taste of fresh cucumbers back in our CSA offerings this year. Organic cucumbers are grown in the soil, giving them great flavour and texture. If you see a little white powder residue on your cuke, it's diatomaceous earth, a completely non-toxic food-grade mineral we use to help keep the cucumber beetles at bay early in the season.
Garlic scapes
Baby arugula
Packed with vitamins, minerals and folic acid, and can be eaten so many ways. In a salad, on a sandwhich, over pasta or pizza, fresh-cut arugula is one of our favorites.
▪ Cilantro
Hakurei turnips
Baby bok choi
▪ Rainbow Swiss chard