Saturday, 29 June 2013

CSA Week 3

Our CSA pickings for this first official week of summer are:

Green onions 

Garlic scapes The flower of the garlic plant. Use like a green onion, but caries a mild garlic flavour.
Crisp-head lettuce

Leaf lettuce mix
Kohlrabi Great steamed, stir fried, or raw. Try cutting it up like carrot sticks, and serve with dip.
Hakurei turnips aka the salad turnip. A great tasting turnip with a bit of sweet and a little heat. Best eaten raw like a radish.
Zucchini  Try finely chopping a few garlic scapes, fry in olive oil until brown, then add sliced zucchini. Tastes like summer! 
▪ Rainbow Swiss chard