Friday, 22 June 2012

CSA Week 3— Meet this week's vegetables

  • Heirloom leaf lettuce mix
  • 1 pint sugar snap peas
  • Mixed beets — A mix of red beet, bull's blood and chioggia.
  • Garlic scapes — As they begin to enlarge their bulbs, garlic plants produce a flower stalk, or scape. Use as you would garlic, lending a mild garlic flavour.
  • Spring onions — Last week was the last of our over-wintered onions, this week we’re starting on our new crop sown this year. We also grow from seed for the best quality and taste
  • Hakurei turnip — AKA the Japaneese salad turnip. Our kids love them cut up like carrot sticks, also good steamed along with the greens.
  • Zuchinni 
  • Cilantro