Thursday, 25 August 2011

Scenes of summer

Some of last succession crops are going in the ground, the rains have finally returned, and our ram is getting frisky. All signs that a change of seasons is just around the corner. A few images from this past summer at Hoople Creek Farm.

Jamie digging carrots

Garlic drying on the haywagon


Spencer with German bi-colour

Iris pruning tomato plants in the hoophouse. Iris has been working on the farm this summer,
and has done an amazing job keeping plants and weeds in check.

The first apples from the orchard. Organically-grown with no sprays of any kind.
We hope to have a big enough crop to sell next summer.

A hawk circles over a field with newly planted beds tucked under row-covers, as storm clouds approach.
Finally, the drought is over, and we expect to be complaning about too much rain very soon!