Thursday, 4 August 2011

Heirloom Tomatoes!

Tomato season is in full swing right now, with a near-perfect growing conditions for that heat-loving plant.
What I find really amazing, is that tomatoes taste like they look. The yellow German bicolor has an almost fruity flavour, the rich-red Brandywines have a full-bodied classic tomato flavour, and the blacks have a deep, almost smokey flavour with subtle undertones.
Here's a selection of the heirloom tomatoes coming out of the garden right now. Clockwise from left to right:
Black brandywine
Black from Tula
Mary Robinson's German bicolor
Gilbertie Paste — Not just a paste tomato. Some of our customers have renamed this the Gilbertie griller, since it's firm flesh and shape makes it perfect for the BBQ.
Yellow Brandywine
Black cherry
Brown cherry